Magical Cat Emporium | Polaris Animated Univer…

Magical Cat Emporium | Polaris Animated Universe:


Hey guys! So I’ve been working on this lil animation for a while now. And I finally get to share it with you all.

It’s about a boy who gets a job at a magical shop. A shop which magical girls can go to get paired with a magical familiar to help them with their work. It’s silly and dumb but I’m super glad I got to help make this into a reality.

Super shout out to 

Cristina Fiumara,

Ashley Arlow, and Sam DelPilar who were super support on the whole project.
Jillian Ogle who helped conceive of the whole thing with me

Q Bryce Randle super editor!
Mark Taihei who helped with all the backgrounds and color

Jose “Choco” Reynoso who wrote all the music
and all the awesome voice tallent on the short:

LDShadowLady – LuvCat
SmallishBeans – Hamlet
Vixella – Space Fighter Cat
Noodlerella – Tutorial Cat / Grandma
SeaPeeKay – Lava Cat
TheOrionSound – Portal Cat
Samantha Sheftell – Various cats

all animated by Detuco Estudio!!! 

My cartoon writing debut, check it out!