IoT Based Biometric Attendance system using Ar…

IoT Based Biometric Attendance system using Arduino and Thingsboard

In this project our aim is to leverage this IoT into the boring attendance system to make it smart and more effective. Most conventional attendance systems available today store the information over a micro SD card and have to be connected to software via a computer to access the information. Here, we will build a biometric attendance system using Arduino that scans for finger print and on successful identification of the person it will log the information to a cloud platform like ThingsBoard by using the ESP8266 Wi-Fi module. This information can then be displayed in the dashboard of ThingsBoard making it available for the required authorities to view and analysis information over the internet without having any direct physical access to the hardware. However the conventional Attendance system without involving IoT can also be built by following the link and Finger print sensor can be further used for many other biometric applications like Voting Machine, Security system etc.

Check out the full project details and instructions here: