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DIY Arduino Wireless Programming Shield using Bluetooth Module
While doing projects using Arduino, we always need to connect Arduino to PC in order to upload the program in it. But sometimes it is very uncomfortable to always connect the board with PC as if it is a robotics project then you always have to move the robot near to labtop to re-program it. This problem can be solved by programming the Arduino wirelessly. So here we are building a circuit to program the Arduino wirelessly using Bluetooth module HC-05. 

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Programming Arduino using Platform IO
There are many development environments available for Arduino, but all have some advantages and disadvantages. In this tutorial we start with PlatformIO development environment which is easy to use and has added features compare to Arduino environment.

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How to Program Arduino with an Android device

You might have used OTG adaptor for connecting Pen drives and game controllers, and give power to small devices. You can do much more things other than powering up your Arduino board with Smart Phone. In this tutorial, we will compile and upload Arduino code using Android Application called “ArduinoDroid” which is completely same as Arduino IDE.