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What are Cell Balancing Techniques and How to Use Them?

When four cells are connected in series the voltage values of all the four cells should be equal to derive the battery pack with maximum efficiency. The method of maintaining all the cell voltages to be equal is called as cell balancing. In this article we will learn more about cell balancing and also briefly about how to use them on the hardware and software level. 

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All you want to know about Electric Vehicle Batteries

To cope up with the voltage and current demand EV manufacturers have to combine hundreds if not thousands of cells together to form a Battery Pack for a single car. To give an idea the Tesla model S has about 7,104 cells and the Nissan leaf has about 600 cells. This large number along with the unstable nature of Lithium cells makes it difficult to design a Battery Pack for an Electric Car. In this article let us explore how an Electric Vehicle Battery Pack is designed for an EV and what are the vital parameters associated with batteries that has to be taken care of.

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