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Different Types of Transformers and Their Applications
A transformer is a widely used device in the electrical and electronics domain. It is an electromagnetic device which follows the basic principle of electromagnetism discovered by Michael Faraday. We have covered about Transformers construction and operation in detail in previous tutorial. Here we will cover different types of transformers used in different types of applications. However, all types of transformers follow the same principles but they have different construction method.

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Electrical and Electronics Calculators

These electrical and electronics engineering calculators are to help electronics/circuit designers to solve complex equations and calculations quickly. 

Op Amp Gain Calculator

LM317 Resistor/Voltage Calculator

Resistors in Parallel Calculator

Resistors in Series Calculator

Capacitor Value Calculator

555 Timer Astable Circuit Calculator

555 Timer Monostable Calculator

Voltage Divider Calculator

Ohm’s Law Calculator

TRIAC Dimmer Circuit

In this project, we will use Triac to control the brightness of the AC bulb with a IR TV Remote. You can also control Fan speed with your TV remote using this Triac Dimmer circuit.