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Learn about the RC, RL and RLC Circuits here

Learn about the RC, RL and RLC Circuits here

Bluetooth Controlled 8×8 LED Matrix Sign Board…

Bluetooth Controlled 8×8 LED Matrix Sign Board Display using Arduino

Make a Bluetooth controlled Sign board using an 8*8 Matrix display. A unique feature of this project is its android application which allows the user to control all the 64 LEDs individually from the mobile phone. This enables the user to create custom designs with ease and display it on the LED display.

Check out the complete project here:

Simple Relay CircuitLet’s take a simple exampl…

Simple Relay Circuit

Let’s take a simple example where we will be turning on an AC lamp (CFL) by using a relay switch. In this relay circuit we use a push button to trigger a 5V relay, which in turn, complete the second circuit and turn on the lamp.

Find the circuit details here:

Transistor Switching Circuit: How Transistor…

Transistor Switching Circuit: How Transistor Acts as a Switch

In an NPN transistor, Current starts flowing from collector to emitter only when a minimum voltage of 0.7V is supplied to the base terminal. When there is no voltage on Base terminal it works as an open switch between collector and emitter.

Know more about how a NPN or PNP transistor works as a switch:

Voltage Divider Circuit A Voltage or Potentia…

Voltage Divider Circuit

A Voltage or Potential Divider Circuit is commonly used circuit in electronics where an input voltage has to be converted to another voltage lower than then the original. This is very useful for all analog circuits where variable voltages are required, hence it is important to understand how this circuit works and how to calculate the values of the resistors required to make a voltage divider circuit to output the desired voltage.

Get Started with Labview

Get Started with Labview

LabVIEW is an acronym of Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Engineering Workbench. Their appearance and operations resembles real world instruments, such as button, voltmeter, oscilloscope, etc,. and hence they are called as Virtual Instruments (VIs). It offers a graphical programming approach and helps to simulate real world products, which helps you to visualize and program. Thus it requires only logic to program and it is syntax independent. LabVIEW is a high level design tool. It is an interpreter programming (i.e.,) we need not compile it. It compiles itself, we only need to execute it.

PIC16F877A Microcontroller Based Digital Alarm…

PIC16F877A Microcontroller Based Digital Alarm Clock

This alarm clock will have an 16×2 LCD display which will display the current time and set time. We will use few push buttons to set the alarm time whenever required. The current time will be kept in track using the DS3231 RTC module and we will use IIC communication to get these values from the RTC module

Arduino Color Mixing Lamp using RGB LED and …

Arduino Color Mixing Lamp using RGB LED and LDR

What if we can generate different colors using a single RGB led and make our room’s corner more attractive? So, here is a simple Arduino based color mixing lamp which can change color when there is change in light in the room. So this lamp will automatically will changes its color according to the light conditions in the room.

Working on a new easy to build design. It turn…

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Working on a new easy to build design. It turns out this thing is pretty agile.

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Simple Tilt Sensor Switch Circuit

Simple Tilt Sensor Switch Circuit

A tilt sensor is a sensor which opens and closes an electrical circuit when it is inclined beyond at certain angle. It can be used in tilt prevention devices, an alarm circuit and in many DIY projects. There are different types of Tilt sensor modules, for sensing the tilt the module can have a ball switch or mercury switch. In this circuit, we are using a Mercury-based tilt sensor.