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Interfacing HC-05 Bluetooth module with AVR …

Interfacing HC-05 Bluetooth module with AVR Microcontroller

In this tutorial let us learn How to interface HC-05 Bluetooth Module with AVR ATmega8 microcontroller. We will establish communication between Android mobile and Atmega8 through Bluetooth module which takes place through UART serial communication protocol. In this project we will control a LED using Bluetooth of our smartphone.

PIC16F877A Microcontroller Based Digital Alarm…

PIC16F877A Microcontroller Based Digital Alarm Clock

This alarm clock will have an 16×2 LCD display which will display the current time and set time. We will use few push buttons to set the alarm time whenever required. The current time will be kept in track using the DS3231 RTC module and we will use IIC communication to get these values from the RTC module

Digital Thermometer using a PIC Microcontrolle…

Digital Thermometer using a PIC Microcontroller and DS18B20

Generally, the LM35 temperature sensor is used with microcontrollers to measure the temperature because it is cheap and easily available. But LM35 gives analog values and we need to convert them into digital using ADC (Analog to Digital Converter). But today we are using DS18B20 temperature sensor in which we don’t need an ADC conversion to get the temperature. Here we will use PIC Microcontroller with DS18B20 to measure the Temperature.

Interface GPS Module with PIC Microcontroller

Interface GPS Module with PIC Microcontroller

We are going to use G7020 GPS module which is made by U-blox. We will receive Longitude and latitude of a particular position from satellite and will display the same on a 16×2 Character LCD. So here we will interface GPS with PIC16F877A microcontroller by microchip.

Smart Blind Stick using ArduinoThis Smart stick will have an…

Smart Blind Stick using Arduino

This Smart stick will have an Ultrasonic sensor to sense distance from any obstacle, LDR to sense lighting conditions and a RF remote using which the blind man could remotely locate his stick. All the feedbacks will be given to the blind man through a Buzzer. Of course you can use a vibrator motor in place of Buzzer and advance a lot more using your creativity.

Automatic AC Temperature Controller using Arduino, DHT11 and IR…

Automatic AC Temperature Controller using Arduino, DHT11 and IR Blaster

In this project we are going to make a small Automatic Temperature Control Circuit that could minimize the electricity chargers by varying the AC temperature automatically based on the Rooms temperature. By varying the set temperature periodically we can avoid making the AC to work for lower temperature values for a long time and thus making it consume less power.

Fingerprint Based Biometric Voting Machine We all are quite…

Fingerprint Based Biometric Voting Machine

We all are quite familiar with Electronic Voting Machines, where your vote gets registered electronically and you don’t need to use ballot paper to vote in election. Today security is a major concern and it also needs to be ensured that someone can’t vote twice, so this problem can be solved by introducing Finger Print Based Voting, where a person can be authorized based on his finger Print. This will also stops fake voting. 

LED Strobe Light Circuit  In this project let us develop an LED…

LED Strobe Light Circuit  

In this project let us develop an LED Strobe light circuit using the popular 555 timer IC. A strobe light or a stroboscopic lamp is one which can produce regular flashes of light. We are designing this circuit using a 555 timer for setting the delay between each flash and a high power LED light as the source of light. At the end of this project we will learn how to use 555 timers in monostable mode and how to calculate the delay for such a circuit.

Smoke Detector CircuitThis smoke detector  circuit triggers the…

Smoke Detector Circuit

This smoke detector  circuit triggers the Buzzer whenever it detects Smoke or fire near by it. This circuit mainly uses MQ6 Smoke/Gas sensor to detect the level of smoke

Interfacing OLED with ArduinoThe term OLED stands for “Organic…

Interfacing OLED with Arduino

The term OLED stands for “Organic Light emitting diode” it uses the same technology that is used in most of our televisions but has fewer pixels compared to them.  It is real fun to have these cool looking display modules to be interfaced with the Arduino since it will make our projects look cool. We have covered a full Article on OLED displays and its types here.