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Brushed vs Brushless Motors

The requirement for DC motors differs from one application to the other, as one application may require more torque and reduce speed while another may require more speed and reduced torque, thus DC motors are sometimes classified by sales folks based on this.
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Fundamentals of Motors – Theory and Laws to Design a Motor

Ever wondered how does a motor spin? What are the fundamentals involved? How is it controlled? The DC brushed motors have been in the market since a long time and they spin easily on just a DC supply/battery whereas the induction motors and permanent magnet synchronous motors involve complex electronics and control theory to rotate them efficiently. Before we even get to what is a DC motor or what are other types of motors, it is important to understand the operation of linear motor – the most basic motor. This will help us understand the fundamentals behind a motor spinning.

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DIY Brushless Motor Using Fidget Spinner

Just like the craze for Pokémon Go out of nowhere the fidget spinners got popular and it became more of trend to have one of these spinning between your fingers. But lately people (including me) eventually got bored of it and hence in this project let us bring in a new purpose for fidget spinner by building a simple motor using Fidget Spinner. With this circuit you will be able to make the fidget spinner rotate forever with the help of basic physics and not worry about having it idle at some corner of your room. You will also learn the basic of how a Brushless DC motor works since the concept we are using here is same as that used in the famous BLDC motors. 

DRV8305N 3-Phase Brushless DC Motor Driver: Brushless motors, which are also known as BLDC, are…

DRV8305N 3-Phase Brushless DC Motor Driver:

Brushless motors, which are also known as BLDC, are synchronous motors, which means that the magnetic field generated by the stator and the magnetic field generated by the rotor rotate at the same frequency. The reference design is an evaluation board for DRV8305 gate driver IC for three phase mo…