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High/Low Voltage Protector CircuitThis  High and Low Voltage…

High/Low Voltage Protector Circuit


High and Low Voltage Protection Circuit will cut off the power supply to the appliances in case of High or Low voltage. It will also show a alert message on 16×2 LCD. In this project, we have used PIC Microcontroller to read and compare the input voltage to the reference voltage and take the action accordingly.

IR Remote Controlled Home Automation using PICIn this project…

IR Remote Controlled Home Automation using PIC

In this project you will be able to toggle (ON/OFF) any AC load using an ordinary Remote from the comfort of your Chair/Bed. To make this project more interesting we have also enabled a feature to control the speed of the fan with the help of Triac. All these can be done with simple clicks on your IR remote. You can use any of your TV/DVD/MP3 remote for this project. The different IR signals from the remote are received by the microcontroller which then controls the respective relays via a relay driver circuit. These relays are used to connect and disconnect the AC Loads (Lights/Fan).

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Interfacing Servo Motor with PIC Microcontroller using MPLAB…

Interfacing Servo Motor with PIC Microcontroller using MPLAB and XC8

In our previous tutorial we learnt how to generate PWM signals using PIC Microcontroller, the signals were generated based on the value read from the potentiometer. If you have understood all programs then, Congratulations you have already coded for a Servo motor also. YES, Servo motors respond to the PWM signals (which we create using timers here) we will learn why and how in this tutorial. We will simulate and build the hardware setup for this project and you can find the detailed Video at the end of this Tutorial.

PIC Microcontroller PWM TutorialIn this tutorial, we learn How…

PIC Microcontroller PWM Tutorial

In this tutorial, we learn How to generate PWM signals using PIC PIC16F877A. Our PIC MCU has a special module called Compare Capture module (CCP) which can be used to generate PWM signals. Here, we will generate a PWM of 5 kHz with a variable duty cycle from 0% to 100%. To vary the duty cycle we are using a potentiometer, hence it is recommended to learn ADC tutorial before starting with PWM. PWM module also uses timers to set its frequency hence learn how to use timers beforehand here.  Further, in this tutorial we will use a RC circuit and a LED to convert the PWM values to Analog voltage and use it for dimming the LED light.

PIC Microcontroller ADC TutorialThis is our 9th tutorial of…

PIC Microcontroller ADC Tutorial

This is our 9th tutorial of Learning PIC microcontrollers using MPLAB and XC8. Till now, we have covered many basic tutorial like getting started with MPLABX, LED blinking with PIC, Timers in PIC, interfacing LCD, interfacing 7-segment etc. If you are an absolute beginner, then please visit the complete list of PIC tutorials here and start learning.

How to Interface 7 Segment Display with PIC Microcontroller?Here…

How to Interface 7 Segment Display with PIC Microcontroller?

Here is a tutorial to understand how 7 segment displays work and how can we interface it with a pic microcontroller PIC16F877A. Find the circuit diagram and code, along with detailed tutorial here.

Display Custom Characters on LCD using PIC MicrocontrollerLearn…

Display Custom Characters on LCD using PIC Microcontroller

Learn how can you create custom characters and display them on 16×2 LCD display module using PIC microcontroller. Find out detailed tutorial with circuit diagram and code here

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