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How to Use Hall Sensor with AVR Microcontrolle…

How to Use Hall Sensor with AVR Microcontroller ATmega16

In this tutorial it will be explained step by step with practical example. Here Hall sensor will be interfaced with Atmega16 microcontroller and One LED will be used to show the effect when magnet will be brought nearby the Hall Sensor.

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ESP8266 Based Webserver to Control Servo Motor…

ESP8266 Based Webserver to Control Servo Motor from Webpage

In this project, we are controlling a Servo Motor using a web browser with the help of Arduino and ESP8266. ESP8266 wi-fi modules is a cheap and powerful device, helps in communicating with any microcontroller, like here Arduino UNO.

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Google Assistant Based Voice Controlled Home A…

Google Assistant Based Voice Controlled Home Automation using DIY Arduino Wi-Fi Shield

Check out the complete project to make a DIY Arduino WiFi Shield and then create .a Google Assistant based home automation project using the shield:

Atmega16 PWM Demonstration by Controlling LED …

Atmega16 PWM Demonstration by Controlling LED Brightness

This tutorial will help you in understanding PWM, its terminologies and how we can implement it using a microcontroller. In this tutorial we will be demonstrating PWM with AVR Atmega16 Microcontroller by varying the intensity of an LED. 

Arduino LoRa Tutorial

Arduino LoRa Tutorial

As ESP modules become synonyms for Wi-Fi applications, this LoRa technology also has caliber to build a vast network like Internet. We previously build many IoT Based projects using ESP8266 and Arduino, here in this article we will learn about LoRa and how to use it with Arduino Development Platform.

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Arduino Xbee Interfacing

Arduino Xbee Interfacing

in this tutorial we will interface XBee module with Arduino Uno board. The XBee connected with Arduino board will act as a receiver and it will communicate wirelessly with other XBee module which is serially connected with the laptop using a Explorer Board. So lets explore further for Arduino wireless communication using XBee.

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How to Build NodeMCU Webserver and control an …

How to Build NodeMCU Webserver and control an LED from a Webpage

To take you one step ahead towards IoT development, today we will make our own web server to host a webpage and control any appliance remotely from anywhere in the world. Here we will use ESP12E NodeMCU as webserver, although any ESP module can be used here. Learn more about various ESP modules and their projects here.

IoT Weather Station using NodeMCU

IoT Weather Station using NodeMCU

In this project, we will measure Humidity, Temperature and Pressure parameters and display them on the web server, which makes it a IoT based Weather Station where the weather conditions can be monitored from anywhere using the Internet.

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DIY Waveform Generator using Arduino​

DIY Waveform Generator using Arduino​

Every Engineer who loves to tinker with electronics at some point of time would want to have their own lab set-up. A Multimeter, Clamp meter, Oscilloscope, LCR Meter, Function Generator, Dual mode power supply and an Auto transformer are the bare minimum equipments for a decent lab set-up. While all of these can be purchased, we can also easily built few on our own like the Function Generator and the Dual mode power supply.
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DIY Coil Gun

DIY Coil Gun

The basic principle behind a Coil Gun is that a current carrying conductor will induce a magnetic field around it, which was stated by Faraday. To improve the strength of this magnetic field the current carrying conductor is wound in form of a coil. Now, when this coil is powered it produces a magnetic field around it which is strong enough to attract metal (or other Ferro magnetic) pieces a.k.a projectiles into it.

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