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(via Vacuum Suction Units developed with Zero-Pressure Difference for Climbing Robots and Robotic Arms Operating on Rough Surfaces)

What is Blockchain and how can it be used to keep your data secure
Today Human civilization is highly dependent on computers and other machines. Everything around us from a simple alarm clock, to a complicated online banking system, works based on the program written for it. But how dependable are these programs, it is okay to wake up late when your alarm clock fails you, but think about losing your life’s savings just because your banking system was compromised. In fact, an article from Forbes states that in 2017 banks have lost about $16.8 billion to cybercriminals. This puts a big frown on our face, if these programs are subjected to loopholes, How can we trust them to drive our future autonomous cars? How can we trust them to automatically administer drugs and help take critical decisions in biomedical field?

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What is a bionic eye?

It’s an artificial eye which provide visual sensations to the brain. It consist of electronic systems having image sensors, microprocessors, receivers, radio transmitters and retinal chips. Technology provided by this help the blind people to get vision again.

What is LiFi?

The term Li-Fi stands for “Light Fidelity”. This is believed to be the next generation of internet, where Light will be used as a medium to transport data. Yes you read it right; it is the same Light that you use in your homes and offices which, with some modifications can be used to transmit data to all your devices that requires internet. 

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